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Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break

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I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

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Sneak peek from Tuesday’s Fatal Finale!

“ The message in the song (Shake It Off) is a problem I think we all deal with and an issue that we deal with on a daily basis. That we don’t live just in a celebrity take down culture, WE live in a take down culture. People will find anything about you and twist it to where it’s weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don’t understand you, you have to have more fun than they do. ”

—    Taylor Swift on Shake It Off (x)

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"I’ve learned that I’m going to go through really high highs and really low lows. I don’t always pick the right people to trust. But I’m not going to stop trusting people."

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It’s like I got this music in my mind sayin’ it’s gonna be alright 

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“Writing ‘Red’, I was 21 and 22 and back then I think my priorities were different. My priorities were, I was very enamored by romance and the idea of that. At 24, at this point, I’m just really like, I just want to be with my friends, and I wanna make music, and I wanna play shows, and I wanna travel the world, and I want to define my life on my own terms. That’s my list of priorities now which is different than it was a couple years ago.”

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I’ve had every part of my life dissected — my choices, my actions, my words, my body, my style, my music. When you live your life under that kind of scrutiny, you can either let it break you, or you can get really good at dodging punches. And when one lands, you know how to deal with it. And I guess the way that I deal with it is to shake it off.

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